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Fees. Freebies. Recommendations.

This is my favourite page! If you are reading it, you must like it too!


Everything comes at a price and if you are serious about making changes to improve your Life Diet or Health, then I will give you the opportunity to do so for a minimal fee!


Freebies are grand! I love freebies! I will try to include as many FREEBIES as I can!


coming soon!

We hope you will enjoy our website and will find what you were looking for. Please check back regularly as we are always updating! If you cannot find what you were looking for today, please either send us a quick email, or check back next week in the hope we have read your mind and added it!

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Fees for Services

  • Information on Life, Diet, Health: FREE
  • Nutritional Advice: FREE
  • Dietary Consultations: £35 per hour
  • Daily and Weekly Plans: POA
  • Online meetings: private £10 1/2 hr
  • Intolerance testing: £35 per person
  • Life Coaching (coming soon)
  • Stress Management (coming soon)
  • Updates: FREE




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