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Diet for Health


Any diet which is rich in natural unprocessed food will be of great benefit to your health.


Foods eaten raw, or with minimal cooking are generally easier for your body to digest and allow more nutrients to be absorbed.


Try adding more nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, pulses and wholegrains to your diet to see the health benefits. Remember to drink lots of water too! Try to avoid eating too much dairy, meat, processed foods and products made from white flour (white bread, white pasta, cakes, biscuits). Use cold pressed oils if additional fats are needed. If all of this sounds complicated, contact us to assist you with your changes. Step by step food changes are usually the best way!

Diets for YOU!

When most people hear the word 'diet' they automatically think of restricting their food intake and or calories, fats and carbs.


If you eat a sensible, well balanced diet following a few simple rules, your body should naturally adjust itself to your ideal weight.


If you are looking to maintain or improve your health, then diet is one of the easiest and best places to start!


Each person is an individual and there is no best-fit solution for everyone. Use the diet sheets to keep a record of your eating habits and briefly note down your mood, energy levels and general health.

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Please note all information contained in this website is intended as a guideline only. You should seek professional medical advice before embarking on any diet. If you are heavily overweight or have severe food intolerances or allergies please seek specialist advice.

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