Laurena Salih

BA (hons). PgCE. BSYA (N.Th.) SNHS (Nut.) SNHS (Adv Nut.)

Welcome to Life Diet Health.

I have been studying diets for over twenty years, with a specific involvement in nutritional therapy for the past five years. I have lived life complete with highs and lows. I have tried healthy diets, food restricting diets and junk food diets. I have had great health and suffered poor health. It is time now for me to share my knowledge and wisdom to enable you to continue on your journey.

Continual Development

In this present age, it is not enough to offer my services as they are. I am continually studying and updating my skills and knowledge. I am currently part way through a Life Coaching course as well as a Stress Management course and hope to be able to offer these services in the near future. It is important to improve ourselves as much as we can; in any way we can. If you feel there is a service I currently provide but you would like it in a different format, please do not be afraid to ask, as I will try to accommodate your needs wherever possible. I aim to provide the best possible service and can only do this with your feedback and support!

We hope you will enjoy our website and will find what you were looking for. Please check back regularly as we are always updating! If you cannot find what you were looking for today, please either send us a quick email, or check back next week in the hope we have read your mind and added it!

Please note all information contained in this website is intended as a guideline only. If you are seeking medical help you should seek a qualified medical practitioner. If you require urgent medical assistance you should seek appropriate help immediately and stop surfing the web!

Services I offer

  • Information on Life, Diet, Health
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Dietary Consultations
  • Daily and Weekly Plans
  • Online meetings
  • Intolerance testing
  • Life Coaching (coming soon)
  • Stress Management (coming soon)
  • Updates



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